Julian Burnside cooks live on stage with Stephanie Alexander. Joost Bakker talks sustainability and architecture. Erik Jensen explains society and food. Live crowdfunding for Melbourne’s changemakers. Kevin Sheedy shares secrets on building a team. National Geographic on the narrative of food systems.

Social Innovation and Impact Bootcamp

12:00pm – 5:00pm

MC: Charlie Ranger and Hannah Morrice

12:00pm Welcome to f21y
Dr Mats Junek

Short film:
Social Impact and Innovation

The Project Rockit Story
Project Rockit

Frame: Say It With Why
Murray Bunton, Agency
1:00pm Connect: Building a Team for Change
Tom Dawkins, Start Some Good


From Person to People
Simon McKeon, Chancellor of Monash University

Focus: What, How, Why Not

Katy Barfield, Yume
2:00pm Short film:
The Story of Madelaine’s Eggs, with Q&A

Challenge: Developing a Strategy for Change
Simon Griffiths, Founder of Who Gives a Crap
3:00pm Dunk ALL the Junk, the story of driving a graffiti revolution
Kevin Strong, Founder of Dunk the Junk
4:00pm Get by with a little help from your friends
Kevin Sheedy, Former AFL Coach and Player

Action Panel: How Three People Created Change Alessandro Demaio, World Health Organization, Kaitlin Yarnall, Executive Editor of National Geographic Magazine and David Prior, festival21 Benefactor Patron

Aiming for Better
Alex Dyson, Triple J

Tonight, tomorrow and the future
Mats Junek & MCs

Evening Celebration

7:00pm – 10:00pm

MC: Nick Russell

7:00pm Short film:
The Journey of festival21

Welcome to Country
Aunty Di

Welcome and Why Food?
Dr Alessandro Demaio, World Health Organization

Food Comedy
Josh Glanc

Mindful Eating & Feed Your Neighbour
Smiling Mind

The Narrative of Food
Kaitlin Yarnall, Executive Editor of National Geographic Magazine

Short film:
Food and Community in Mildura

A New Food Future: Sustainability
Joost Bakker, Sustainability Architect

Short film:
Where Does Our Food Come From? The Story of Meredith Cheese.

8:00pm Ethical Business in Food for All
David Prior, Benefactor Patron of festival21

Social Enterprise live Pitching
Open Table


Nick Russell

Social Enterprise live Pitching
CERES Fair Food

Nick Russell

Social Enterprise live Pitching
Tamil Feasts

Wrap up & voting
Nick Russell

Food Comedy
The Lioness
9:00pm Intermission

Short film:
Kerin O’Dea and Shannyn McDevitt on food and health

Food and Community
Nayran Tabiei, Syrian refugee living in Melbourne

La Voce Della Luna,
Italian Women’s Choir

Panel Discussion on Community, Food Social Contract
Stephanie Alexander & Julian Burnside

Short film:
The Global Collective to Save Our Bees
10:00pm Using food to build community
Elliot Costello, Founder of YGAP

Our Future Through Food
Erik Jensen, Founding Editor of The Saturday Paper

Food Comedy
The Lioness

f21 exhibition

All day from 10:00am

ALL DAY Stephanie Alexander KGF, 3000 Acres & OzHarvest hosting permanent activations throughout the day.
11:00am Masterclass: How Might We Preserve Seasonal Produce?
Dr Pietro Demaio
11:15am Mindfulness Masterclasses
Smiling Mind
2:00pm Masterclass: How Might We Maintain Productive and Beautiful Urban Gardens?
2:20pm Meet the Thinker: Why Should We Care About Where Our Food Comes From?
Stefano De Pieri
2:40pm Masterclass: What Does The Future of Urban Gardening Look Like?
3:00pm Masterclass: How Might We Bring Simplicity and Fun Back Into Cooking?
Jamie’s Ministry of Food
3:20pm Meet the Thinker: How Might We Be Conscious of Our Health and How We Eat?
Professor Kerin O’Dea
3:40pm Meet the Thinker: What is the Role of Art in Promoting Healthy Behaviours?
DrKevin Strong
4:00pm Meet the Thinkers: Discussion with the Authors
Dancing in the Rain: Living with Noncommunicable Diseases
4:20pm Masterclass: How Might We Limit Food Waste For the Good of Our Planet?
Spade & Barrow
4:40pm Masterclass: How Might our Resources Be Better Utilised To Promote Health and Food Security For All?
5:00pm Masterclass: How Might We Preserve Seasonal Produce?
Dr Pietro Demaio
5:40pm Meet the Thinker: What is the Value of Community in Effecting Positive Change?
Tom Dawkins
6:00pm Meet the Thinker: What are the Implications For a Breakdown in Social Connectedness?
Julian Burnside AO QC
6:15pm Mindfulness Masterclasses
Smiling Mind
6:20pm Meet the Thinker: How Important is the Language We Use in Mobilising Positive Change?
Erik Jensen