Burnside AO QC
Julian Burnside AO QC is an Australian barrister who practises principally in commercial litigation, trade practices and administrative law. He is also a human rights and refugee advocate, and author. He will speak on the challenge of building social contract in an increasingly isolated society.
Alexander AO
Cook, restaurateur, food writer and champion of the quality & diversity of Australian food, Stephanie Alexander is a one-woman powerhouse of good food. Not content to just change kitchens across Australia with 14 seminal publications emphasizing cooking and the beauty of fresh produce, she has also changed the way our children connect with food growing through her work with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. She will share her enormous knowledge and passion for encouraging greater food literacy in Australia.
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of YGAP (Y-Generation Against Poverty, Elliot is a leading impact entrepreneur who’s changing the way generation y view poverty and equity. You may know him for YGAP’s famous 5 cent campaign or by his latest venture Feast of Merit, a social enterprise restaurant in Swan Street. He joins our table to explain how food can be the tool for building stronger communities.
Creative, architect, chef and fifth-generation tulip farmer. Joost is not easily defined. Founder of BROTHL and SILO, Melbourne’s first low-waste restaurants, he has a keen eye for making meaningful changes to the way we grow, serve and eat our food. This evening he joins us to enhance our understanding of the future of food production and sustainability.
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Executive Editor of National Geographic Magazine, Kate is a storyteller and global explorer of ideas and challenges. She will trace the narrative of food through photography in a stunning presentation.
If you want to change the world. First give them the truth. As founding Editor of The Saturday Paper, Erik is doing just that by creating an engaging and perceptive response to the decline in traditional journalism. It’s our privilege to share his sharp mind and insights into the future of our climate and society.
De Pieri
It’s hard to imagine the Mildura food scene without him. Chef and owner of legendary Stefano’s in the refurbished site of the Grand Hotel, he has successfully married the culture of his native Treviso with local produce and wine. As a respected voice for regional Victoria, we are delighted to include his thoughts on food as a powerful symbol of culture and identity.
18 months ago, Nick gave up his career at a law firm to chase his dreams of becoming an actor. He now enters lounge rooms across the country each week as Gabe Reynolds, on Channel 7’s Winners & Losers. Charming, effervescent and smart he will bring his warmth and passion to the festival21 arena as our MC.
Kevin Sheedy
Australian football legend Kevin Sheedy has extensive experience in leadership and team-building. He will teach lucky f21y changemakers how to successfully build a connected and engaged community around their causes of interest.
simon griffiths
Challenging society to see things differently can be pivotal in creating momentum for change. Luckily, Simon knows a thing or two about shaking up the status quo. He’ll share his tips at f21y.
david prior
Known for his efforts in buidling the 5:am yogurt empire from scratch, David is now turning his business philanthropy hand towards reviving scotch distillery Bladnoch. On his way he’s helping 3 social enterprise ideas pitch for investment in f21live.
Simon Mckeon
With experince leading some of Australia’s most esteemed research, mentoring, community trust and business development initiatives – Simon is an outstanding Australian with many talents. He kindly lends his knowledge and experince to f21 as a patron and trusted advisor.
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Sandro is used to inspiring movements. As one of the most respected home-grown voices in Global Health, he brings his expertise on the intersection of advocacy, food systems and health, to challenge and inspire Victorians to strive for better this December.
Alex Dyson
Co-host of the Triple J breakfast show and stand up comedian. Alex understands the importance of approaching big issues with equal-doses of intelligence and humour. He will bring his sharp wit and sharper mind to f21y as our keynote speaker.
Lucy Thomas
Project Rockit
Self-titled empowerpreneurs and social justice junkies, Rosie and Lucy Thomas are the sisters behind Australia’s youth-driven movement against bullying. They’ll bring their sass and savvy to f21y.
kevin strong
Dr Kevin
Paediatrician, Dunk the Junk. Kevin is the paediatrician behind Dunk the Junk, slammin’ the junkfood epidemic with sick beats and epic street art. Kevin works with kids from low SES backgrounds and is passionate about using familiar art and media as protest.
Murray Bunton
Founder of creative studio Agency. Murray is committed to using his creative skills for purpose, not profit. He will show us how to craft messages that can stand out in this era of information overload – an essential skill for all young change-makers at f21y.
katy barfield
Founder of Spade & Barrow and the Yume app. Katy will help f21y attendees find the niche where their ideas can be best recognised in the dynamic state that is Victoria.
Young entrepreneur, Founder Madelaine’s Eggs. In 2002, at only 8 years of age, Madelaine founded her own ethical and organic egg farm. Now aged 20, Madelaine will proves to our f21y changemakers that people of all ages have the power to instigate meaningful change.
Nayran came to Australia three years ago, fleeing wartorn Iran and Syria with her husband and young daughter. She has since dedicated herself to community leadership and volunteering. She shares her love for her native cuisine through community cooking classes and preparing meals for homeless Victorians with the Salvation Army. We are honoured to have her speak on the power of food as a transcendent act of giving and sharing, that builds inclusive communities.
Education Manager at Smiling Mind.
Kay Watts comes from a background in Health and Wellbeing. Given her passion for children’s health, Kay was excited by the Smiling Mind philosophy and the simple, practical tools designed to allow each individual to look after their own minds and self-correct. She will bring her expertise to the festival21 stage for a mindfulness activity involving our entire audience!

La Voce Della Luna
A multigenerational Melbourne based Italian women’s choir performing traditional and modern songs from Italy – celebrating culture, heritage and the unique Immigrant stories that shaped their Italian-Australian identity.


The Lioness
The Lioness was born on the sweet shifting sands of the African wilderness, (otherwise known as Melbourne). Bringing two-hander sketch-comedy to the masses, her average shoulder height stands at 90cm. Do these two facts relate? Probably not. At f21, get ready to see this proud beast bring the funnies live on stage.

Tom is a serial social entrepreneur and the Australian co-founder of StartSomeGood. He has worked with numerous non-profits, associations and government entities to help them tell their stories and build community. He joins f21y to share his award-winning tips for building a team for change.

Regardless of the sellout shows, the recording and touring with the world’s music-heavyweights, and the 60+ million people watching her online, Fatai’s voice and charisma are the sole reasons for the awe you experience when seeing her perform.